Multipurpose fast ramping furnace

The PEO quartz tube furnace series is an ideal selection for research, pilot lines, and mass production. Processes are set up easily for the development of new, unique, and complexe processes, as well as for low to medium volume production. The PEO 604 can accommodate wafers up to 200 mm in a variety of different gas atmospheres like N2, H2, Ar, H2O or others. The flexibility of interchangeable liners provides the convenience to easily switch between different processes, making the system a versatile and adaptable solution for any thermal processing applicationWith its compact design it saves space and can partially be installed in the grey room. Separatly PID controlled heating zones provide excellent temperature homogenity across the process chamber.

Facts & Options
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Highlights PEO-604
  • Floor space saving by small foot print
  • Energy saving by close to zero energy consumption at ambient standby
  • Max. 60 wafers / process run 
  • Up to 200 mm Ø wafers
  • Multiple processes by easily exchangeable quartz In Liners
  • Temperature Ramping:
    • Up to 1.000°C  within 25 minutes (empty chamber)
    • Down to < 100°C in less than 60 minutes
    • 1K per 100 minutes (slowest ramping speed up/down)
  • High vacuum down to 5 x 10-6 mbar 
  • Oxygen < 1.0 ppm with purified N2
  • 100 steps / program
Common Applications PEO-604
  • Annealing:
    • Inert / Atmosphere
    • Hydrogen
    • High vacuum
  • Wet / Dry Oxidation
  • SiAl / SiAu / SiMo alloying
  • Polyimid process
Technical Data PEO-604
depending on system configuration/optionals
  • Footprint
    •  1.780 x 834 x 2.345 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight
    •  475 kg (minimum configuration)
  • Inner Quartz tube
    •  230 mm (9”)
  • Maximum Product Temperature
    •  1.000°C continuously
    •  1.100°C continuously, optional configuration
  • Flat Zone
    •  Flat zone 25 wafers / 50 wafers half pitch
Options PEO-604
  • Easily exchangeable In Liners for multiple processes in original process tube
  • H2 annealing with quartz glass process chamber surrounded by N2 atmosphere
  • 5 heater zone tuning for best possible 3 D temperature uniformity​
  • O/ H2O monitoring
  • Customized quartz ware
  • Dry pumps
  • DI water bubbler
  • Turbo pump


Multipurpose fast ramping furnace
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