IR vacuum reflow system

The SRO-716 IR vacuum reflow oven is the centerpiece of ATV's reflow soldering ovens and is ready to meet any process requirements. This oven is an ideal choice for reflow soldering, rapid thermal annealing, and brazing. It offers direct IR heating providing a temperature of up to 450°C and a heated surface of 314 x 314 mm. The SRO-716 is a popular choice for R&D centers and pilot line production due to its reliable process stability and repeatability. It also has a high clearance above the heated surface, allowing processing of a wide variety of electronic products and packages. 

This oven is suitable for all kinds of electronic applications, no matter what kind of reflow process is used.

Facts & Options
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Highlights SRO-716
  • Direct IR Heating
  • Surface touch TC
  • Multiple TC monitoring
  • Flux-less, solder paste and flux (optional configuration)
  • Exchangeable Ceramic Heater Plate
  • Process temperature 450°C up to 750°C (optional configuration)
  • Oxygen < 1.0 ppm with purified N2
  • 100 steps / programm
  • Automatic lid closing/opening and locking/unlocking
Common Applications SRO-716
  • Power Semiconductors (IGBT, SiC-MOSFET)
  • Sensors
  • MEMS 
  • High Power LED
  • MMICs
  • CPV, Laser bar
  • Die Attachment
  • Hybrid Assembly
  • Flip Chip
  • Package Sealing
Technical Data SRO-716
depending on system configuration/optionals


  • 720 × 1,150 x 1,835 mm (LxWxH) 


  • 240 kg (minimum configuration)

    Working Height

    • 1028 mm +/- 20 mm adjustable

    Maximum Product Height

      • up to 100 mm

      Heated Area

        • 314 x 314 mm

        Heating Method

          • Array of 12 IR lamps in 3 zones


          • Process temperature up to 450°C
          • Extended temperature range 750°C (optional)

          Vaccum Level

          • 10-1 mbar
          Options SRO-716
          • Overpressure
          • Top heater
          • High vacuum
          • Flux management
          • Custom substrate fixture
          • Lift pins 
          • Additional gas lines 


          IR vacuum reflow system
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