Programmable oven with inflatable membrane for thermo compression bonding application

The SRO-TCB, Thermal Compression Bonding system, is based on our successful SRO product line. A pressing unit in combination with an elastomer membrane applies a pressing force up to a maximum of 0.5 MPa to the products over a workig surface of above Ø 150 mm. A special design prevents positional shifting of the components during the process. The SRO-TCB can process assemnlies with different topographies at the same time without compromising the results. Like our standard SROs, the SRO-TCB is equipped with a cold wall chamber, IR heating, a vacuum system, and formic acid evaporator to ensure robust solder connections in a variety of applications.

Facts & Options
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Highlights SRO-TCB
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  • Press unit ≤ 0.5 MPa gas pressure
  • Individually programmable soldering profiles with recording and documentation of the process flow
  • Formic acid process for flux-free soldering
  • Vacuum for void-free soldering
  • Process temperature up to a max. of 300°C depending on the bonding KIT
  • Oxygen < 1.0 ppm with purified N2
Common Applications SRO-TCB
  • Transient Liquid Phase Bonding (TLPB) / Soldering
  • Cu pillar / micro bump flip chip soldering
  • Low pressure silver sintering
  • Micro Peltier / TEC Bonding / Soldering 
Technical Data SRO-TCB
depending on system configuration/optionals
  • Dimensions
    •  760 x 960 x 1800 (LxWxH)
  • Weight
    •  240 kg (minimum configuration)
  • Working Height
    •  950 – 1080 mm adjustable
  • Distance membrane above heated plate
    •  Up to 12 mm for the pressing unit
  • ​Heated Area
    •  Ø160 mm for the bonder configuration
  • Chamber Lid Open / Closing
    •  Automatic lid closing / opening and locking / unlocking
  • Heating 
    •  PID controlled IR lamp array heating principle of heated plate
  • Cooling
    •  Cold wall technology
    •  Cooling with nitrogen 
Options SRO-TCB
  • Customized Tooling
  • Various vacuum pumps


Programmable oven with inflatable membrane for thermo compression bonding application
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